Maronpot Guest Lecture

This award recognizes Dr. Robert Maronpot for his significant contributions to the field of toxicologic pathology and the advancement of the IATP. This lecture award is sponsored through an educational grant provided by The Telikicherla Higher Education Foundation.  

The IATP is now accepting proposals from well-established and active toxicologic pathology or toxicology societies for the IATP Maronpot Guest Lecture.  Societies may apply to have this lecture held during their annual meeting by sending a proposal to IATP ( .

Two lectures will be awarded each calendar year. The deadlines for proposals to be received are May 1 and October 1. Proposals should include the following information, if possible:

1.       Date and location of the lecture

2.       Title of lecture (the Society can choose a topic that is appropriate for their membership)

3.       Lecture abstract

4.       Speaker Name and organization/company

5.       Budget Request. Please provide the amount of funds being requested and how the funds will be used.

Funding:  IATP will issue the society an educational grant of up to $2,500 (USD) to cover expenses related to guest speaker transportation and/or lodging.

Important Sponsorship Recognition Requirement: The IATP and THE Foundation must be acknowledged appropriately for the support of this lecture in all meeting advertising and materials.  The host society will be responsible for advertising the lecture in their meeting materials, processing all registrations, providing any on-site staff/management as needed at the session, and ensuring the appropriate recognition is given to IATP and THE Foundation in all meeting materials.  

The society may not charge a separate registration fee for this lecture.  If your lecture proposal is approved, IATP will issue payment in the form of an educational grant to the host society.  The host society will be responsible for utilizing this funding to cover speaker transportation and/or lodging.

Selection of Award Recipient:  All proposals will be reviewed by the IATP Education Committee and the Board of Directors who will make the final selection.  The society will be notified in writing approximlately one month after the submission deadline if their proposal has been approved. The host society is responsible for communicating directly with the award receipient regarding timelines, travel. loding and other arrangments related to their talk.  The host society will be issued the grant funding for the lecture and will be responsible for reimbursing the lecturer directly from those funds.  

Timeline for Award Selection:  For proposals received by May 1 a decision will be made by July 1 for a lecture to be held during the following calendar year.  For applications received by October 1, a decision will be made by December 1 for a lecture to be held during the following calendar year. 

Proposals should be submitted to the IATP Executive Office -

Maronpot Guest Lecture Award Recipients


Sam Cohen
"Cell proliferation and 
January 23, 2024 (JSTP Annual Meeting) 



Sabine Francke
"The challenge of toxicologic pathology: inheritance of tradition and innovation for the next generation"
January 25, 2023 (JSTP Annual Meeting)

Ken Frazier
“Biologic Associated Immune-mediated Renal Disorders in nonclinical toxicity studies and their relationship to the clinical syndrome of BAIRD”
September 27, 2023 (ESTP Congress)

Lise Bertrand
“Digital pathology and AI: real world applications in toxicologic pathology"
October 11, 2023 (Society of Hungarian Toxicologists(Toxicology Pathology Branch) Annual Meeting)

Alys Bradley
"The Pathologist’s role in the Preclinical Strategy for Cell Based Medicinal Products"
November 16, 2023 (BSTP Annual Meeting)


Mark Cline
"Modeling Cancer Immunotherapy in Tumor-Bearing Nonhuman Primates"
September 2022 (ESTP Congress)

Serge Rousselle
"Nonclinical assessment of medical devices"
May 2022 (SFPT Annual Meeting)

Aleksandra Zuraw
“Digital pathology and tissue image analysis – how did we start and where are we now?”
January 2022 (JSTP Annual Meeting)



Charlotte Keenan
"INHAND Terminology in the SEND Era:  How is it working to date?"
January 2021 (JSTP Annual Meeting)



Gordon Hard
“Confounders for Kidney Carcinogenesis in Cancer Bioassays”
February 2020 (JSTP Annual Meeting) 



JoAnn Schuh
"Bridging the Gap Between Toxicologic Pathologists and the Medical Device Industry"
June 2019 (STP Annual Meeting)