Benefits of Becoming a Fellow

  • Formal international accreditation for accomplishments in the practice of toxicologic pathology as determined by a rigorous review of credentials and professional history by an international panel of expert peers. The Fellow accreditation is the only global credentialing organization that recognizes accomplishments in the field of toxicologic pathology. The Associate Fellow qualification recognizes the potential to become a Fellow.

  • Association with highly experienced pathologists who are internationally recognized for their expertise in toxicologic pathology, and generally serve as thought leaders in the field of toxicologic pathology.

  • Participation in a mentorship program where Full Fellows will provide Associate Fellows with support to further their careers and professional development toward the Full Fellowship level.

  • Opportunity to participate in organizing educational events for many global constituencies, particularly to give back to the toxicologic pathology community.

  • Informal consultation with Associate Fellows and Fellows who are thoroughly experienced in all aspects of toxicologic pathology, and formal consultation with a subset of Fellows who are available for consultative engagement.

  • Participation in a forum for global harmonization of toxicologic pathology practices.

  • Access to selected lectures and educational materials as provided by other Associate Fellows and Fellows.


IATP Offers Associate Fellow and Full Fellow Memberships 

General Instructions for Applying for Fellowship in IATP

Please review the Assignment of Points form prior to submitting your application to ensure you meet the necessary requirements (score) for becoming a Fellow or Associate Fellow,

  • Fellows - You must have 75 points to be eligible for Full Fellowship.
  • Associate Fellows - You must have 45 points to be eligible for Associate Fellowship.  Associate Fellows should have a minimum of 5-7 years of professional experience to apply (minimum of 5 years of professional experience working full-time in a toxicologic pathology position and a minimum of 7 years of professional experience working full time if toxicologic pathology is not a major component of your employment.

Fellows are globally recognized for their distinguished accomplishments and consistent dedication to the enhancement of toxicologic pathology as per IATP Bylaws. Full Fellows may use the title of “FIATP” after their last degree. 

Associate Fellows may use the destination after they have met the requirements to become a Full Fellow. 

Please review the Sample Fellow Application in advance of submitting your online application to familiarize yourself with what will be required for completing the application. Please include as much detail as possible in all areas of the application form to help the Accreditation Committee appropriately assess your expertise in each area.

You will be required to upload a copy of your most recent CV with your application.  Your CV should include positions held for the last 5 years.  Please note, your CV is being provided as supplemental information and should not be used in place of completing the application.  Please do not put “See CV” in any of the section boxes.  Doing so will render your application incomplete and it will be returned to you. 

Applicants are encouraged to submit a professional reference letter with their application (this is not a requirement, however). Ideally, letters should be from a current IATP Fellow that has first-hand knowledge of your credentials and your qualifications to become a Fellow.  A list of IATP Fellows can be found on the IATP website under the tab “Find An Expert.”  If you are not able to obtain a professional reference from an IATP Fellow, you may submit a letter from an employer, supervisor, or colleague who is knowledgeable about your professional expertise. Please be sure to share our membership criteria with the person writing the letter so they are familiar with the criteria required to become a member.

You must submit your non-refundable application fee before your application can be sent out for review.  Instructions on how to complete your payment via our secure online payment system will be provided at the end of the application process.  We accept all major credit cards.

Your application will be reviewed by the Accreditation Chair for completeness. The Accreditation Chair will contact you if there are any questions or if additional information is needed. Once your application has been reviewed for completeness, it will be sent to the Accreditation Committee to review and score. You will receive written notification of the results (within 4-6 weeks of submission) when the review process has been completed.

Candidates who need assistance completing the application or have any questions on the application process should contact the IATP Executive Office at  

Criteria for Accreditation
The criteria for accreditation in toxicologic pathology by IATP are divided into three areas:

  • Qualifications (Education & Training) 

  • Professional Experience

  • Recognition of Scientific Judgment

Applicants must demonstrate accomplishments in all of these areas.

Application Process

Important Note: Once you start the application process you will not be able to stop and return later to complete it.  Please be sure you have all the necessary information you need on hand prior to starting the application process. Questions regarding the application process should be directed to the IATP Executive Office at or (856) 223-5174.

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