2019 IATP Board of Directors Election Results

Vice President - Kevin Keane

Treasurer - Ricardo Ochoa

Secretary - Ken Frazier

Asia/Pacific Director - Dai Nakae

European Director - Matthias Rinke 

New IATP Sponsored Awards

Food Safety Award
IATP, along with ESTP, JSTP and STP, will present the Food Safety Scientific Award which recognizes a food-related poster presented at the ESTP, JSTP and STP annual meetings.
This award is sponsored by a grant from San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Inc., Osaka, Japan. 

The IATP/STP Trainee Award
The Trainee Award recognizes an outstanding trainee working on a career related to toxicologic pathology. 
This award is sponsored by Integrated Laboratory Systems, Inc., Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. 

Upcoming IATP Sponsored Events

IATP Lunchtime Workshop: Bridging the Gap between Toxicologic Pathologists and the Medical Device Industry

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Speaker: JoAnn Schuh,

This presentation will discuss the existing gap between the fields of toxicologic pathologyand the medical device industry and the need for toxicologic pathologists to improve this relationship. Biomaterials and medical devices have a long history in the therapeutic intervention for multiple diseases, but safety and efficacy testing of these products has been largely overlooked by toxicologic pathologists. Toxicologic pathologists have the core skills and are ideally suited to provide high level safety and efficacy assessment of medical device products; however, toxicologic pathologists face limitations due to the lack of formal training or continuing education programs, and a lack of familiarity with types and appearance of biomaterials. Most of the relevant publications/references for the medical device industry are in the bioengineering field and differences exist in terminology, testing standards, and endpoints compared to testing of drugs and biologics. Additionally, the medical device industry has resisted robust safety and efficacy testing, but recent device failures and the increasing complexity of medical devices and combination products is driving a need for improved risk management. The current atmosphere provides an opportunity for toxicologic pathologists to bridge the gap with the medical device industry. Toxicologic pathologists and the Society of Toxicologic Pathology need to become more active as the leaders in establishing nomenclature, best practices, testing standards, and regulations for biomaterials and finished medical devices.

Registration Information: There is no charge to attend this event, however you must pre-register.  Space is limited.  Please visit https://www.toxpath.org/AM2019/index.asp.