IATP is pleased to announce the implementation of a new scientific award “IATP Food Safety Scientific Award.” The award recognizes a food-related poster presentation, oral presentation, or scientific publication by a young investigator or trainee. 

The successful applicant will have demonstrated achievements in food-related toxicologic pathology including but not limited to:

  • Research contributing to food additive safety as it relates to the health effects of foods and food ingredients;
  • Establishing test methods and standards that enhance the field of toxicologic pathology that are applicable to food; and/or
  • Developing new or novel uses of toxicologic pathology in food safety research.

Awards will be presented at the annual meetings of ESTP, JSTP and STP. 

The award consists of an Official IATP Certificate and U.S. dollar market equivalent of ¥100,000.

This award is being sponsored by a grant from San-Ei Gen F.F.I.